Monday, July 2, 2012

Best Herbal Hair Loss Remedies

Here I’ll mention 4 potentially useful popular herbal hair loss remedies for external use.

Aloe Vera – Regular rub aloe vera gel into the scalp and hair each night. This herb activates the production of nitric oxide and contains an enzyme known as Superoxide Dismutase. Some experts feel that these two substances combine to stimulate hair regrowth in those suffering from male pattern type baldness.

Onion – It contains a high sulfur content that is believed to have hair-healing properties. Some experts believe that rubbing the scalp with half an onion before washing hair encourages hair growth.

Red pepper – This is another popular herbal remedy that involves the application of a red pepper poultice to the scalp which makes blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and encourages the release of histamines to stimulate cell division and hair regrowth. 

Olive oil – Put one or two warm tablespoons olive oil and gently massage into your scalp, then stay at least 30 minutes and rinse out your hair with herbal shampoo.  Do it every night for a week or once of week as often as you can.

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